Can You Find Inspiration in the Mundane?

By CBramkamp creative writing, Writing Encouragement Comments Off on Can You Find Inspiration in the Mundane?

Once again I find writing inspiration in  unappealing domestic chores.  Do I want to write for my blog or slide under the Christmas (solstice) tree armed with a watering can of water and tree preservative and hope that when I pour the water this time into the invisible base of the tree, the water won’t splash out the other side and onto the living room carpet .  Do I want to make the bed in the guest room for my visiting mother?  Do I want to iron my husband’s shirts, or more immediately, track down the dog smell in the stair way, which, as far as I can tell, is all over the stairway and I can’t tell which tread to disinfect with Pet Odor Be Gone so I’ll need to squirt all the treads.
It’s times like this, when the gift  wrapping is half finished (indeed there is a large box only half contained by cheerful red and green paper because the wrapper suddenly lost motivation and wandered down to the TV to surf for a re-run of at least one of her favorite Christmas specials) when writing becomes of prime importance the only activity that can trump the work is another screening of Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
Write instead.  The default, unfortunately, is to create on the page, not in the kitchen.  The cookies were baked and already consumed, the wrapping, will eventually be finished the tree will dry out, the carpet cleaning company will come January second.  Write.  It’s okay.
I thought this would be either encouraging because you now know you are not alone in the motivational freezer that is the Holiday Season, or this is a great way to get motivated to do something that no one in the house cares about or knows about.  Create a list of everything you need to do around the house – then blow it all off because now you are inspired to write.
It worked for me

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