Clapping with One Hand – Your Invisible Audience

By CBramkamp creative writing, Writing Encouragement Comments Off on Clapping with One Hand – Your Invisible Audience

When you write, you address an invisible audience. The best way to focus  your writing — in a novel or a report, is to imagine just exactly who reads the work. Is your audience made up of younger people? More mature readers? People who already possess a body of information about the subject so you can make assumptions? Or are you addressing an audience who has NO CLUE about anything you are about to say?  If so be ready to define your terms.   In other words, to be effective you want to  make sure your readers or listeners understand what  you say. Do a good job and your readers will find your work appealing,  interesting or so provocative they respond to what you’ve said … or at least gossip
about it; and in the best case scenario,   pass it forward.
A text to your friends should look very different than an email to your colleagues at work. And if those  two communications do not look different, check in on Monday for more help.

For more information, go to the book – Don’t Write Like You Talk

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