Holidays Out of the Country

By CBramkamp Today it's Personal Comments Off on Holidays Out of the Country

Why have we escalated the holidays to unachievable  expectations?  From experience I must say that cutting a wide, circuitous path about the holidays resulted in one of the   best Christmas days I’ve every experienced.

My family and I spent one Christmas day at the Sydney Zoo.  There was no gift exchange that morning   because we couldn’t fit them into the carry on.  We had no family hovering around us because we were traveling in Australia, so it was just my husband and I, our two boys and my mother.  We donned Santa hats at breakfast, opened some small silly gifts over cereal and toast and headed to the zoo.  The day wasn’t warm (Australia was experiencing a cool summer, just our luck).  but otherwise, a day with not more obligations than to be together was magical.  The zoo was not crowded, there was plenty of room in the Platypus room.  We ate dinner on the bay, pulled crackers and wore our paper crowns.   What a wonderful holiday!

I treasure Christmas as we now negotiate the holidays with new wives, new girlfriends,  additional family members, one too many dinners and miles driving in the car.  Our Christmas in Australia was probably the last, simple, unencumbered holiday we ever had.

What would happen if you engineered the same?  Maybe you do, good for you!

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