How do you take Direction?

By CBramkamp creative writing Comments Off on How do you take Direction?

Let’s discuss fictional characters again.

I’m not talking about you of course rather, how does  your fictional character take or give directions?  Is your character   bossy, do they know everything?  Are they the classic male and refuse to ask for directions all the while getting more and more lost while his partner drops bits of bread out the window?  My grandmother gave directions by telling you where to turn just as you passed the exit.
Does your character always use a map?  Does she listen to the GPS? Does she argue with the GPS?  Does the GPS direct her on a route that doesn’t work? (which happens to me every time the GPS directs me through the heart of San Francisco rush hour traffic.)
Does your character get habitually lost because he or she can’t read a map? Can getting lost aid in a plot twist?  Can being late help stall the plot, move things forward, be exactly what you need to make sure your characters gets into even more trouble?
Have you ever taken a turn because it just “felt right?”  Where did that lead?  Was it right or wrong?
Does the character follow street signs and freeway signs?
What about a foreign country where we can’t read the signs?
How does your character react to other people with her?  Is she the leader and knows where she’s going or does she follow and acquiesces  to the stronger or louder person in the group?  And what if that person is wrong?
Many humorous articles have been written (Bill Bryson) on describing how the locals deliver directions and what happens when the hapless tourists attempts  follow same. While driving on the wrong side of the road.
How do you follow directions?  What does that say about you?

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