Crazy Busy Life

By CBramkamp Today it's Personal Comments Off on Crazy Busy Life

Beware the barrenness of a busy life.  –  Socrates

We are busy. Very busy. So busy, so much to do.  (Spell busyness with an I and you get business)  Why are we so caught up with the idea of busy as something very good, as well as the idea of being still or decidedly not busy, resting – as indulgent, self absorbed and ultimately, bad?

Just consider this.  When we flip through all that travel porn delivered straight to our doors, what do we see?  Yes, photographs of couples sitting on lounge chairs holding exotic drinks.  Groups sitting at an elaborate meal, wine glasses in hand.  Couples strolling on the sand.  Children playing in a park.
What is wrong with our priorities that we can  hold the picture of leisure in our heads as representing the perfect life, yet seldom allow ourselves to actually do (or not do) the very thing we crave?

I challenge all of us to do a little bit of the sitting, holding wine and gazing into a loved one’s eyes every day.

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