New Book – In Good Faith

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Some information about my new book In Good Faith, inspired by the December interview in KRS writer

In Good Faith, Real Estate Diva Mystery

In Good Faith

In Good Faith began in 2000. I worked as the marketing department for the Sonoma County United Way and feeling burned out.  So I wrote a long short story chronicling the antics of the world’s worst non-profit.   What did I hate most about the non-profit world?  I put that in the story. What did I hate about volunteers?  I put that in the story. I knew how much I hated the way board members treated the staff like servants.  I put that in the story too.  And I finished up with the worst thing (or two) that can happen to a non-profit.

Sure, I felt better, but where to put this story? (It was at least more sophisticated than a rant.)  It would be years later, after I left the non-profit world and became embroiled in the real estate industry (where the very worst thing that can happen, happens daily) that a new character emerged and the Real Estate Diva Mysteries were created.   The bad non-profit story merged into a murder plot for the third book and I finally had a full story.

In Good Faith is the third in a series of books: the Real Estate Diva Mysteries.  The main character, Allison Little, the Real Estate Diva in question, started speaking to me while I was still a real estate agent with Century 21. I read a line in one of the books I was studying – for my brokers license – and it read:  death revokes the offer.  Really?  It was at that point that Allison Little, real estate diva, started to talk to me, and she does not stop until I write down her story. I’m working on the sixth book right now (wrote the first 50,000 words during NaNoWriMo) and she still hasn’t stopped talking!

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