Marketing a New Book

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Some information about my new book In Good Faith, inspired by the December interview in KRS writer

In Good Faith, Real Estate Diva Mystery

In Good Faith

What is it about self publishing?
The best feature about self-publishing is that it’s so fast.  As soon the final edits are returned from your editor and your cover comes back from your graphic artists, you can publish, there is no queue, there is not waiting.  Write Life took almost three years to publish  In Good Faith   from acceptance through excruciating (hard copy, no one has heard of track changes) edits and then months and months of “being in the queue”.  Controlling the process yourself is far easier and I have to say, probably more satisfying.

And marketing!  Most writers hate marketing and I don’t blame them.
For me, I am working on creating a blog tour for the book.  I am lucky I get to discuss the book on my weekly podcast, Newbie Writers Podcast.  I am sending off press releases to local papers as well as working social media – my own blog, Facebook, twitter and linked in.  I attend about four conferences a year and so that too is an opportunity to promote the book.  I considered skywriting, but it’s almost as ethereal as Twitter and Twitter is free.

Many people say that they like the validation of an “outside” or “larger” press.  And there is some legitimacy to that. Big publishers deliver bragging rights.  Small niche publishers deliver exposure to their  loyal readers. But no matter who publishes your book, you will still need to do the promotional work – and for most writers, that’s the most difficult part of publication.
My advice?  Write the book you love, be the writer you’ve always wanted to be.  Then find the publisher who fits your style and purposes.

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