IPad, the new Travel Journal?

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Bag I took on my tripThe Good:  the iPad is marvelous for travel. It’s small, light and I carried it with me at all times ( I did buy a new travel purse, not to be confused with my good purse nor with my everyday Dooney and Bourke purses).  I carried the iPad and my camera and money and if I wanted, a water bottle, but the bottle was too heavy, so I carried it separately.
The iPad turns on as soon as the cover opens, so making notes in Pages was easy.  I opened it up, made a few notes, and closed it.  For someone who previously traveled with a Mac Book, this instant access is like a tiny miracle.
I recommend the Pages app for 10 dollars because even though the journal apps are fun, they aren’t as easily transferrable to my main computer.  I added photos to the journal entries to keep track of where and what I was doing.
The key board takes getting use to, but I became fairly proficient.  It does work on busses, planes, trains, most modes of transportation (not motor bikes, you must stick with texting while perched on the back of a motorbike).
I loved the long battery life and I loved carrying one device that included email, all my books and writing.  I was able to download two books from Amazon and read them immediately while in transit (I did this from Vietnam, I tried this last year while in Syria and the books didn’t download until I arrived home, so this is an improvement).

I traveled in January 2012 –  I was not the only traveler carrying an iPad.   I saw people carrying iPad’s in Vientiane, while waiting at the boarder in Laos, on the plane to Bangkok.   This seemed to be the new travel  accessory, considerably more flattering than a waist pack.

Is there bad news about the iPad?  Yup.  Stay tuned.

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