IPad, the down side.

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I liked the iPad for travel, as I stated earlier, but there are a few things to consider:

The key board features the auto fill function, just like the tiny key boards on the smart phone.  The auto fill is very difficult if you are writing down foreign place names.
It will also thwart your efforts to employ polysyllabic words, so there is a great deal of back spacing involved during data entry.  And the foreign words and phrases are not found in the spell checker.

And if your hands slip, you have a very strange entry indeed.  There are separate keyboards for the very serious, but the point of this thing is sleek, early to carry convenience, so I’m just warning you.

I loved the ability to download photos to the iPad,  I could see and edit photos on the spot.   I  also spent considerable time organizing the photos into albums so I could keep track of the trip, etc.   I fantasized about getting the photos all organized and ready to upload to a photo album  before I even touched down in SFO.  Not to be.

When I hit the synch button from the iPad to my Mac Book Air, none of the work synched, just the full compliment of photos into one massive event.  My helpful husband also told me to not save the photos on the iPad after the synch, so those were deleted from the albums I spent so much time creating.  There is no fix or work around at the time of  this post.    I was not happy at all.

Will I take my ipad with me again?  Yes, now I’ve experienced some of the limitations.  It’s a great go to for travel.


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