By CBramkamp Uncategorized Comments Off on Obsession

Writers obsess.  It is part of the personality and part of the reason we start projects and finish them.  Writer’s often obsess over our work.  What if your aren’t obsessing over your work?  You can create the aura of obsession.
Present you are cheating when you write.  Pretend you really should be doing something else, it can be as trivial as picking up after the dog or as potentially serious as calling in sick. Once you create that forbidden space, that stolen time. the writing becomes the other activity, and more fun. It’s fun to sneak around. It’s fun to  do something that no one thinks you should do.  The writing becomes an emblem of your independence and your rebellion.  And as a result, you will do more of it.

I know a writer who writes her popular bodice rippers in her car during her lunch break.  By day, she is a mild mannered bureaucrat, but at lunch she sneaks off and dives into another world.  Not the usual thing to do, that’s what makes it fun for her.  Sometimes necessary.

So if you are stuck in your work, maybe a little obsession, maybe acting out, being a little bad, will help the attitude and move you along to writing great things!

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