After The Second Draft

By CBramkamp creative writing, Poetry Comments Off on After The Second Draft

like emerging from the deep end of the pool,


It takes a lot of nerve

to go off the high dive,


Everyone watches while you step

endlessly up rough rungs

dripping water on

the guy behind you he

makes it difficult to back down


from this perch

you can see all the way

to the parking lot

You know, you know

your mother does not look up

she is reading a book in the shade


you must do it

you will do it





You clap your hands overhead

and fall

like a stuntman

crashing head first through

what looked like solid glass


you never hear your own splash

your ears fill up, like being plugged

with cotton during a summer

ear infection


You torpedo to the bottom

but physics and your own skinny form

stops you from touching

you somersault

considering space,

considering direction

considering infinity


but there is not time for philosophy

you find your feet.

push off the bottom,

swim hard, you can see the surface,

your lungs are bursting

you can finally make the distinction


water and air,

gentle waves refract  the light.


You explode  in a splash of

air and late afternoon

assaulted by indifferent chatter

someone left their keys

order nunber 5 is ready

your mother turns a page


you tread water

reviewing your options


someone above you

yells – get out of the way.

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