Episode 23- Newbie Writers Podcast

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Episode 23
Newbie Writer’s Podcast.

Rockin’ Out at the Adelaide Writers’ Festival


Damien’s impression of the Adelaide Writers’ Festival

Catharine’s experiences with conferences and being the one to participate in them.

Writer’s Conferences  –  From Don’t Write Like You Talk
Want a great way to combine your love of writing with your love of travel —
and write it off your taxes? Try a writing conference, preferably one in St. Lucia
at Sandles. Writing Conferences are shorter than a full-blown degree program
by, oh, a number of years — often a weekend. Conferences are less expensive
than a full MFA, but just barely. Once you realize the cost savings of conferences compared to a degree, you may  be inspired to attend a different conference every weekend, which in the summer, is entirely doable.
Writing conferences are not immune to the techniques of the most expensive and obnoxious sales conferences that claim you can, in no particular
order: Instantly build your business! Learn the techniques of the stars! Double
your income! Double your life! Three days of excellence! Save $100 when you
register now, now, now!
All for the low, low price of $2,000 for the conference, $1,500 for the hotel
room and $16.00 for the glass of indifferent Sauvignon Blanc.

Writing conferences then, must be approached with caution and purpose.
Before you save all that money and sign up for a conference TODAY, SAVE
NOW, consider what you want from the conference: experience? An agent?
Workshops? What are the takeaways?

Do you long for contact with real literary agents? Look at the list of agents
participating in the conference, and if there is no agent list posted, don’t go.

Do you want to hear about the magic of writing told by popular or famous
authors? Are they really on the schedule or are there words like “possible,”
“chosen,” “may show,” “they drove by our office and that counts?” If the famous authors aren’t guaranteed, don’t go.

Do you want to get down and dirty with real editors who will really review
your fabulous manuscript? Again, check out the conference list and know that
often those meetings with editors or agents are by reservation only and may
even take place the day before the actual conference, so check that carefully, or
you’re into the expensive hotel for another day — and another glass of wine.

Do you want to meet publishers directly? Is there a list of publishers shown
on the conference flyer or web site and will they be there? Or will they just be
selling off inventory? Who are the publishers? Do you recognize their companies or are they all from the Author Solutions where they will cheerfully
guarantee that, of course, they will publish your book — it will only be $2,400
for the deluxe package.

In other words, please do your homework, there are some fabulous conferences for writers, and most conferences are held during the summer months
because they meet at college campuses.  You can travel to Iowa, you can travel to Adelaide and all places in between.

But even the best conference will not help you if you don’t know what you want.
So before you sign up and buy the plane tickets; get focused and get busy. For all the money you spend, there better be a purpose to the work.

Word of the Week:

GUDDLING/ˈɡʌd(ə)lɪŋ/Help with IPA

Guddlers live in difficult times, since the activity that goes by the name of guddling is illegal in many places, including the UK and most US states.

It’s a method of fishing that requires only the bare hands, hence convenient for poachers who find rods and tackle both cumbersome and revealing. It’s also called tickling and is linked in particular with fishing for trout. In parts of North America its practitioners call it noodling, though they usually reserve it for hunting catfish, beasts so well equipped to fight back that to do so is to engage in an extreme sport.

Trout guddling requires patience and skill:


What do you do when you don’t want to write?
Write it down.

Bring out Your Dead:

Or bring out your  barely born,  a new wet poem:

After The Second Draft

like emerging from the deep end of the pool,

It takes a lot of nerve
to go off the high dive,

Everyone watches while you step
endlessly up rough rungs
dripping water on
the guy behind you he
makes it difficult to back down

from this perch
you can see all the way
to the parking lot
You know, you know
your mother does not look up
she is reading a book in the shade

you must do it
you will do it

You clap your hands overhead
and fall
like a stuntman
crashing head first through
what looked like solid glass

you never hear your own splash
your ears fill up, like being plugged
with cotton during a summer
ear infection

You torpedo to the bottom
but physics and your own skinny form
stops you from touching
you somersault
considering space,
considering direction
considering infinity

but there is not time for philosophy
you find your feet.
push off the bottom,
swim hard, you can see the surface,
your lungs are bursting
you can finally make the distinction
water and air,
gentle waves refract  the light.

You explode  in a splash of
air and late afternoon
assaulted by indifferent chatter
someone left their keys
order number 5 is ready
your mother turns a page

you tread water
reviewing your options

someone above you
yells – get out of the way.

Shout Outs:

Rachel in the OC: http://rachelintheoc.com/
Melissa Craig and Charity Parkinson.
Graham McArthur: @ GrahamMcArthur

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Catharine: http://www.yourbookstartshere.com @cbramkamp
Damien: http://www.newbiewriters.com @newbiewriters



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  • Charity Parkerson
    Posted on March 10, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    If I could get off Twitter, then I would have more time to write. I made more time for writing before I became a full-time writer. I have learned that I have to force myself to sit in the silence for 1 hour each morning, otherwise nothing gets done. I find myself nodding along with so many of your comments. Great show!

  • Damien
    Posted on March 11, 2012 at 8:40 am

    Thanks charity! I prefer sleep over getting early for an hour.

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