Stay Married Forever

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More advice to my granddaughter on how to stay married forever.  In honor of our 29th anniversary.


Make sure he makes you laugh. Humor is an aphrodisace, humor can help any situaiton be better. Humor is everything.  Both your father and uncle are funny men.  You uncle is droll and witty, your father made me laugh each and everytime he want to distract me from insisting he finish  his homework.  They both easily attracted women into their lives, and kept long relationships.  I’m sure their girlfriends were  attracted to more than their sense of humor, but I do know that humor is huge.  Be funny yourself.   Find someone who laughs at your jokes.

Stare at the Same Horizon

Vision is an overwrought metaphor often written about in new age greeting cards.  For a reason. You must agree on where you both are going and you must agree to go there together.   Do you want a horse ranch?   Does he  want to start an organic winery?    Do you like nice things?  Does he repair cars on the front lawn?   Do you both care about appearances or about passions?   All parties must be on the same page becasue if not, you and or he will find a wiling partner in a big hurry.

Who’s Picking Up?

Figure out how you want to live.  Are you both messy and that’s fine? Are you both disorganized and that’s fine?  Are you both neat and like everything in its place?  Good.  But one from column A and one from column B is not going to work.  Ever.  Decide who will compromise.  Seeth about it because you are  either always picking up or always missing your keys because they were put away.   Do this for about five years. Divorce.

No Really, He’s Fine

Stop asking.  When he says he’s fine, he really means it.  When he finally cracks under pressure to admit what he is thinking and blurts out, “nothing”.  He is telling the truth. Men really do think differently than women.  There are thousand and thousands of books on how men and women think differently, ready only by women.

If you want long conversations about feelings, the theater  and shoes – get a gay friend.

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