American Idol

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In honor of poetry month, I strive to create a poem a day for each day of the month.  Last year this  effort, combined with a poetry class helped me create my chapbook Ammonia Sunrise.  So I know this works, even though the poems are a bit raw in the begining.

Here is an example:


American Idol.


My first thought

When I heard victims:

“thank you Jesus”

standing among  the matchsticks

of tornado ruins –


you need better gods.


I too worshiped  before the altar

of lost causes

I ignited unblessed votives

for deliverance in the form of an advance

a mythical six figure option


is this any, any different

from the purtian afterlife

that promise of exclusionary greatness and light?

Thin thighs in thirty days?


I burned incense

before  the wrong image of youth

over wisdom


I would have been better served.

in  offering fruit, nuts and roasted chicken

to that spirit house around the corner

the one with the domestic buddha,

grounded in earth.  Breathing in air.


the current temple of impossible dreams

sits dead center in our home

Always on

prophesies day and night – this

no, this.

Yes, this.

will bring you to happy


there is no silence to consider

the results of all these relentless offerings

the day could end with me standing

in scattered pick-up-sticks

tossed by a game-playing god


what good was smooth skin?


I consider escape

clutching a votive

half a chicken

return to worshiping

the sole miracle

of the story.

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