Conference or Workshop?

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Summer is the season of writer’s conference and workshops. Before you sign up, there are a couple of differences between the two.

Conferences usually focus  on publication.

Workshops focus  on craft.

Conferences are often scheduled over a weekend.

Workshops are scheduled for  a week and often offer a few weeks from which to choose.

During both events you will listen to famous authors speak, seemingly about anything they want.

Workshops offer the talents of famous authors who work with you  one on one or in a small group.   This allows you to indulge in sustained focus on your work and receive immediate critiques  from authors who are more talented than you, or at least more famous, which is why they are running the workshop.

Conferences feature key note speakers of renown, or at at the very least speakers you dimly recall.  Many conferences feature agent panels, I was so lucky! presentations and  agent speed dating.

Conferences will teach you about platform, social media for authors and How I Made a Million Dollars with my E-Book.  (Answer, the author has a full time staff of seven).


Before you leap, sign up on line, block out the time.  Consider what you want to accomplish:

For practical, current advice:  Conference

For inspiration and writing:  Workshop

For agents:  Conference

For love:  Workshop.

(There are too many conferences and workshops to   list here.  A good source is Poets & Writer’s magazine as well as Google, type in both conference and where you live, there is bound to be something within driving distance)

Good luck and enjoy!

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