How many Poems in 30 Days?

By CBramkamp creative writing, Poetry Comments Off on How many Poems in 30 Days?

I wrote my poems during the month of April.  and posted a couple here.  Did you write thirty poems in thirty days?  I ended up writing a few more than 30.  My first and I thought, only, place to record my work was in a pretty Galison Everyday journal .  I sketched in 23 poems in this journal.  My goal was to turn to this book once a day and just scribble down something into the 19  lines.  I like that it was smaller and more limited because the space wasn’t so intimidating.  (If you are intimidated by large spaces begging to be filled with erudite phrases; write a poem on a 3 by 5 card.  If you are REALLY intimated, write a poem on a sticky note and stick it on the dog).

Then I found that I also wrote up poems on the   computer – 33 – well over the original goal.  These came to me while working on other things. The computer was  the final resting place of the poems I slashed across my white board, and the poems inked on the back on grocery lists and the almost illegibly written poems scratched on the yellow pad I keep in the car (I tried to write just at the stop lights, really).

Are they all marvelous and ready to submit to contests?  Not at all. The   goal of writing a poem a day is to just squeeze out that poem on a consistent basis, and with luck, make it a daily habit.  I like that the work of it, the idea that I have Write Poem on my to do list, helps me  consider the world differently, observe differently.  I like how poetry encourages me to write down my world, not necessarily to give it more weight, but at least to deliver more meaning in the day.

I can say from experience, that in times of stress, I write more poems and ironically  better poems. My poems come from break-ups, moving vans, the vets, the college trip, the job change. And so, the poems come.

That’s why I’m working on this project  of one poem a day again for May. I may as well take advantage of the stress and create work from it.

What about you?

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