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Since I don’t paint or sculpt or make recognizable objects from clay, I never considered myself an artist.  Most definitely not after spending a whole long year with a subscription to Craft of the Month, a well meaning, but ultimately disappointing venture promoted by my mother. (Okay, she kept the turkey made by gluing a felt head to a plastic pineapple body, but I think it was out sympathy)

Anyway, I like these books because the authors are convinced that we are all creative and they address you, the reader, as a person with possibility and even a couple skills.
I love their attitude, although not even after a stead diet of affirmations am I able to paint a picture of a convincing tree.

Books to Inspire and focus on creativity, for both artists and writers and for writers who by now should realize they too are artists.

SARK’s New Creative Companion –  SARK

SARK is always lively and inspirational, you can take small bites from her work, and either launch onto something more creative, or just feel better about yourself.  She is very affirming.  SARK has written many books and has created a supportive on-line community, she will welcome you with open arms!

Creative is a Verb – if you’re alive, you’re creative – Patti Digh

Patti is a great creative cheerleader.  Her suggestions for sparking creativity are inspiration and sometimes silly.  I tend to relate more to her techniques and style than SARK. Take a look at both books and choose the one that resonates best.

The Life Organizer – A woman’s guide to a mindful year – Jennifer Louden

Comfort, permission and a whole different way to manage your days, this will take you past your every day to do lists.  If you are tired of power anything, tired to making sure you maintain the seven habits of success, if you are exhausted thinking about quadrants, this is a nice reprieve.

Creative Time and Space – Making Room for Making Art – Rice Freeman Zachery

Living the Creative Life –  Ideas and inspiration from working artists – Rice Freeman Zachery

Both these books are geared toward the visual artist, but I like how Freeman-Zachery invites the reader into the artists world, studio and thought process.  If you thought you were “the only one”  this book will give you some extra tribe members.

Fearless Creating – Eric Maisel  –  I love most of Maisel’s books, this one is very helpful for stuck or just beginning artists, including writers.  I am not reading the whole thing cover to cover, but I found relevant entries that apply to my own specific situation and you can too.

See also:  Brainstorm and Creativity for Life

Creating Time –  Using Creativity to reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life. –  Marney Makridakis

If you thought  the ideas in The Life Organizer were radical, plunge into Makridakis’s book and re-think time and the idea that there just isn’t enough of it for creative work.

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