Date Your Spouse, Shave Your Legs

By CBramkamp Today it's Personal 2 Comments on Date Your Spouse, Shave Your Legs

(From the I don’t ever want to re-marry collection)

Date your spouse.  Over the years  I’ve observed what women my age (over 25)  go through to date.  They are divorced after ten, fifteen, twenty years with the same man, and are now out there, dating.  And there is only so much action a woman can indulge in before she must hit the street and date in person.

And the effort is enormous.  Weight loss, clothes, hair, nails, the whole package.

So to save myself some time and angst, I date my husband.  I think if what I’d have to do if I was on a “real’ date, one where I wanted to impress the man so much he would immediately want to take me to bed.  Then marry me. Then   buy me a get-away house in the mountains.

Knowing about the money and time my friends spend on dating, I make that very same effort for my husband.   As retro as it sounds, shaving my legs every day  goes a long way to impressing my husband, he does notice.  I wear mascara on the weekends just because that’s when he actually sees me.

I dress in something other than a crummy promotional tee-shirt from the last charity walk/run.  I don’t go as far as to wear really high heels and tight dresses – I’m a little old for that look  anyway, but I do give more thought to what I’m wearing when it’s just the two of us.  It’s much easier to make an effort for him, that it would be to start completely over from scratch.   And so far, it’s worked.

He just bought me a house in the mountains.

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  • Ciara Ballintyne
    Posted on May 25, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    LOL well done on the house in the mountains.

    I think I might be OK. I still shave my legs with the same frequency as before marriage, I wear make-up every day (the whole kit and caboodle, not just mascara) and I down own a t-shirt! OK, maybe one, for exercise… He doesn’t get heels, but that’s because I took them all to the office because really one can’t chase a toddler in heels. Not with my coordination anyway….

  • riatarded
    Posted on May 27, 2012 at 2:54 am

    SPOT ON!

    Seriously, more people need to read this. Relationship flab and laziness is NOT acceptable!

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