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Yesterday my book was featured on RG2E –  I’ve enjoyed some of the free books I’ve downloaded from this site and wanted to give it a try.

So you know what kinds of things are out there –  I began with a smash word download count for Death Revokes the Offer at 1,797 downloads.  By Friday the downloads were at yes, 1808.  I was underwhelmed.

The next in the series, Time is of the Essence had sold 5 copes at 2.99

The third, In Good Faith was at 1 sold.  No change.

Here is what RG2E promised:

The RG2E will feature up to Ten (10) Ebooks in a variety of genres with the goal of having something wonderful for every Ereader and for all Ereading Devices!

For each Ebooks of The Day $25 feature:

§  We will include your book in our daily Ebooks of The Day post – which goes live around 2:30 AM Central Time (U.S.) – using the description you give us (and this can be the same description you’ve used on Amazon, Nook, iPad, etc).

§  We will include information about you, the author, so that RG2E Readers learn more about you. We want The RG2E to be an Author-Reader Interactive site, and the more our readers get to know you, the more likely it is that they’ll not only buy the book you’re featuring on your given day but perhaps seek out your backlist titles too.

§  Your book will be highlighted on The RG2E’s Home Page while your book is an Ebooks of The Day feature. This will be seen by all RG2E visitors and by those who subscribe to The RG2E’s daily email.

§  A post about your book will also be added to our Facebook Page.

§  We will also tweet about your book on Twitter.

§  At least $5 out of your $25 sponsorship fee will go towards The RG2E actually E-gifting your featured Ebook to RG2E Readers via Amazon Kindle, Nook or Smashwords. We’re tickled to give each of your books an additional boost by also investing in your success. That means, we’ll be E-Gifting up to $50-worth of Ebooks each day on The RG2E!

§  In addition, every month, we’ll be giving away Ereaders too – some months Kindles, other months Nooks, sometimes Sony Readers, other occasions Kobo and yes iPads too! So you’ll want to make sure your readers sign-up for our E-Newsletter, as well as Facebook Like and Twitter Follow us too to be eligible to win.

§  Following your Ebooks of The Day feature, because of the way we’ll be tagging each feature and then instructing RG2E Readers how to search our site using those tags, you will maintain visibility on The RG2E within your chosen genres long after your featured date.

To give you an idea of our growth expectations, we can tell you that we’re a sister site to The WG2E – The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing. The WG2E launched in January 2011 and now has over 1 million hits per month and thousands of page views and unique visitors per day. If we can carry over that kind of growth by combining our reader bases, here at The RG2E, we will be able to substantially increase traffic and visibility for our books.

We do not guarantee that you will make your money back on a sponsorship, but it is certainly our goal that you do make it back as well as enjoy the extra visibility a site like this can generate.

Now,  I liked the idea and the visibility. So I’m not sorry.  I just hoped my book would do better.  Sign up and check this out for your book.  My results weren’t stellar, but hey, you may have much better luck!

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