How do you Get a Plot?

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In the last five years I’ve written five books in a Mystery Series, the Real Estate Diva Mystery Series starting with Death Revokes the Offer and finishing with Trash Out (coming soon – watch this space).

The Real Estate Diva Mystery Series came to me in a rush.  I was working in real estate during a rather bad economic period, and so had a lot of time on my hands.   So I started to write.  The main character of the series, Allison Little is a Realtor who discovers dead bodies in her listings.  Allison just appeared and began talking in my head. My friends teased my husband that he was sleeping with two women:  Allison and me.  Allison is very loud, very boisterous and would not leave me alone until five books were written.  I don’t know if she’ll appear in a sixth book or not, that is up to Allison.   I loved writing the series and I love Allison and her friends.  I feel fortunate and blessed that I experienced what many writers experience: that character who won’t leave you alone, that character who leaps into your head and jabbers away until you do their bidding.  It’s crazy and fabulous and I am so grateful to Allison for her voice and her personality.  Working on the series taught me a great deal about  character and plot.

I’m excited about the third book in the series – In Good Faith published by Write Life.  This one not only features Allison Little but also features a  sub plot that describes  the world’s worst non-profit, a story that popped into my head while I was working as Marketing Director for United Way.  At the time I was burned out on non-profits and fundraising, and so I wrote up a story about the world’s worst non profit. As cathartic as the effort was, the finished story really didn’t stand well on its own, so I put it away.  Enter, Allison years later and In Good Faith needed a sub plot. Here it was! The non-profit subplot with the characters and conflict rounded out the book nicely.  So don’t throw any work away, you never know when you may need it.

My message to writers who are overwhelmed and  bogged down in the whole platform/publication world, is to take heart.  Write will always be more about love than commerce, it’s an art, its about soul not just marketing.    You must love the day-to-day work, or a writing career will become a misery.

I love helping writers.  I love coaching writers  and now I have the opportunity to talk about writing on a pod cast – Newbie where I can discuss writing to new writers and pass along information that I’ve learned the hard way so they will have easier and successful writing careers.

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