Golden Gate Bridge Visit – Really

By CBramkamp creative writing, Today it's Personal, Travel Comments Off on Golden Gate Bridge Visit – Really

One thing my husband and I try to do, is to actually focus on, and visit the very things we unconsciously pass by  on a daily basis.

The  other day we visited  the Golden Gate Bridge a week after the 75 Anniversary festivities.  I wanted to  appreciate it as the international Tourist destination, rather than anticipate how long the wait at the toll booth will be.

We also visited the  winery we pass every weekend and never go in – we entered, bought wine and an expensive snack tray and watched the cars on the highway below.  For the first time we were up here, not down there.

What are you passing by that may merit a visit?  What do you think you’ll discover?  Write about  it?  Write about what you found when you did visit.Golden Gate Bridge

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