A Helping of Potatoes

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I was in a holding pattern, hovering over the end of a sixteen month commitment to a volunteer organization (another time we should explore why my volunteer activities are so consuming).  I admit I was waiting for the next big thing to come down like Zeus (not my dog) and anoint me – “here is the part time job you needed’, “here is a new book contract you wanted.”  “Here, at least, is a pretty good idea.”

Really, anything.

And something did come, although like most solutions,I didn’t recognize it at first.  And it didn’t come from above, it came from across the table at a brewpub in Fortuna, CA. And the reason I was in Fortuna (a good four hours north of Sonoma County), was the District Conference was there, and I needed to be there.

And so was my long suffering husband. Who, after a couple glasses of wine (I know, but they did have wine at the brewpub)  said, “You know, we’ve been nagging Terry to create a blog on potatoes for two years now.  Why don’t you  do it and bring her in as the talent?”

So I did.  And Terry and I began.  We didn’t just discuss it, we started video taping potato recipes 12 days later.  We started up the web site: PotatoGirls.com.  My husband helped create inexpensive lighting and camera options (I’m using my iPhone).  I bought books on iMovie so I could improve from one episode to the next.

We have some goals of course.  But the main goal, the large goal, is to be creative.  My friend, who is now One Potato.  Is the chef, she is the recipe woman and the star of the videos.

I am the writer and keeper of the amateur web site and video production.

It’s a lot of work.  So much work that it looks like a part time job.  It looks like an interesting project.

It looks like a solution.

And like any job – it may not work out.  Or it may take off and attracted viewers, friends, sponsors.  We don’t know.  But we do know it’s fun, and engaging and interesting.

We do know we are not interested in lamenting  over lost days. There are too many potatoes to eat.

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