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Hey everyone,

I have been distracted with life but i’m back with an excellent interview I took with a fantastic writer, Walter Shuler.

Walter is the US author of the God Wars series, and several other works including a collection of short stories.  He’s also a totally awesome bloke.

I encourage you to check out his work if you’re looking for something new to read or are into the fantasy genre!

Stay tuned as I have another exciting author interview coming up in the next few days.



Walter Shuler

1.  What first interested you in writing, and when did you start writing?

Honestly, I can’t really think of a time when I wasn’t interested in writing. I’ve done it all my life in one form or another. There’ve been “dry” spells when real life got in the way, but I’ve always come back to the blank page, ink ready for slinging. I suppose what really made me want to be an “author” was reading The Hobbit when I was 8 or 9 years old. I can still remember how my first foray into Tolkien’s amazing world made me feel, that connection with a world that felt so real, so…possible. I wanted to do that for others.

2.  What are your major influences in writing?  Was there a pivotal author or novel for you?

Man, if I went on about authors who’ve influenced me, we’d be here all day. Let’s see, obviously, there’s Tolkien. I’d also have to list:

GRR Martin

Raymond Feist

Michael Moorecock

Ursula K. LeGuin

Clive Barker

Morgan Llewellyn

Um…ok, we’ll leave it at that. Seriously, I could go on for a couple of hours here.

As far as “influences” go, they’ve changed a lot over time. My goal has always been (and will always be) to tell a good story. I really couldn’t care less about “literary” acclaim or any of that nonsense. I’m a storyteller – I want to craft a good tale.

History is an enormous influence on me, particularly ancient Celtic history (Gallic and Irish mostly), though I’m an enthusiastic armchair historian for periods from medieval times and back. A lot of my stuff has influences drawn directly from history. The God Wars trilogy and my short story At the Edge of the World are the most obvious. There are a few more coming down the pipe as well.

3.  You have written novels and short story collections. do you prefer one style over the other?

Hmm… that’s a harder question to answer than I anticipated. I enjoy doing both short stories and longer works. They’re really very different, and have completely unique challenges. One of the things that excites me most about the burgeoning eBook market, though, is the possibility of doing short stories and novellas and having a decent sized audience for them. I really think they’re ideal for ereaders due to their fast pace and the shorter time needed to finish reading them as opposed to a full novel (particularly in the fantasy genre).

4.  You are currently writing the second novel of the God Wars series.  Can you tell us a little about the novel and the series generally?

Well, the series is set in ancient Ireland, shortly after the Milesian invasion and the withdrawal of the Tuatha de Danann. It centers on Conn, a man whose family has been gruesomely murdered and seeks revenge. In book I (Gods of Sand and Stone), he learns that he’s really just a puppet and Cernunnos, the God of Death is really the one pulling his strings.

Book II (Into a Dark Land) is the continuation of Conn’s tale, but things get considerably darker. I can’t really give specifics without giving away points from the first book, but suffice to say there’s human sacrifice, corruption of the land, civil war and some nasty surprises in store for Conn and his companions. There are also some happier surprises coming, but we won’t go into them now.

5.  Can you give us an ETA on the book?

You know, I can’t imagine any author who enjoys this particular question. I’m shooting or sometime in September of this year. Barring volcanic eruptions, being eaten by a mad god or real life getting too much in the way, of course.

6. I think I heard some gossip! Are you currently working on any other projects?

Haha, I’ve got projects on top of projects. I’m in a fantasy anthology due out this year with some other fantastic authors (The Splintered Lands). I’ve got a top secret joint project going on with my buddy Brad Joyce as well. There might also be some other joint projects in the mix as well. And of course there’s the ongoing Southern Fried Inkslingers Podcast Brad and I do.

7.  What have been the best experiences you have in authoring novels?

Oh, there have been so many! Getting to know my readers has been an awesome experience. I also have to say that meeting many of my fellow indie authors has been a tremendous honor as well.

8.  Can you give any advice to new and aspiring writers or novelists?

I’m full of advice, but that doesn’t mean any of it’s particularly good. I suppose I’d have to say that first, if you’re looking to get rich quick, turn back. There are easier ways to make money (like selling plasma or pimping yourself out to crack dealers). Second, if you’re committed to writing, then just damn write. Write and write and write and write. Third, the use of a good editor (or a group of grammar-Nazi beta readers) is vital.
9.  You got any gigs coming up?  Guest appearances, book signings or readings, *Con appearances, etc?

Not really – being an e-only author kind of limits that type of thing. I will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year, but not as a guest. We go every year with some good friends, and I’m really looking forward to a full 4 days of getting my geek on with 50,000 other geeks 🙂

10.  Where can people find your books or find out more about you and the amazing worlds you create? 

You can find me all over the damn place.

o   Gods of Sand and Stone:

“After the brutal slaughter of his family, Conn takes justice into his own hands in a quest for vengeance that carries him the length and breadth of the land, earning him the name Fuilteach – Bloodthirsty. 

When a seemingly chance encounter reveals that he is merely a pawn in a dark plot by the God of Death, Conn must decide to pursue his vengeance or unravel the twisted strands of conspiracy and stand against the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. 

His decision is complicated by the arrival of a dead chieftain’s daughter who might be more than she seems and a strange old man poking into the secrets of Conn’s past. Can Conn thwart the plot before the god’s agents find him? Can he stand against a god?”

o   Blood and Brass:

o   At the Edge of the World:


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  • Jane Isaac
    Posted on July 18, 2012 at 8:00 am

    Great interview, Salmaan. Always interesting to hear about writers lives & their inspirations. Thanks for sharing:)

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