Difficult Social Media

By CBramkamp Poetry, Today it's Personal Comments Off on Difficult Social Media

Social media is very difficult for me, and I think I know why.  I was going to write an essay about it, but instead a poem came of it.  So all this social media wasn’t wasted after all.


I was raised under the admonishment

Don’t Call Attention To Yourself.

be the chorus

the committee

the support


hot dishes – fundraisers

parties – thank yous


The workers,

(my silent generation parents insisted)

were the fortunate

the backbone

They would never burn out, never peak,

never spend too much life in any one place


(leaving room and time

funerals – sympathy

dinners – laundry)


today, none of that matters

cocktails –  liberal arts

books – conversations


of course they neglected  critical lessons

in Viking warfare

raiding – pillaging

prisoners –  extortion


I should have been given the gold horn

taught to trumpet my name

daily – hourly

minute – by minute


But I can’t help the inbred distractions

dust – birthday

wine – husband


so a life in public

popular – important

busy – lauded


something – I’m not.

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