Episode 44 – The Horror of a Pizza Faced Sorority!

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Episode 44 – Interview with Jennifer Carr

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The Thirteenth Heart:

FBI agent Joshua Kane had taken down the most heinous serial killer of his career. But his daughter, Alex Kane is only beginning to see the true horror of Mason Alexander

Your short story was marvelous, and very, very creepy. How do you separate your normal life (we are assuming it’s normal) from the bizarre strange world in your books?

Do you have a ritual that gets you in the mood to write, or does the blood and horror just splash on the page?

How is the publication journey going so far? What tips would you like to share with your fellow Newbie Writers?


From Listener Elaine Duncan:


I’m new to writing but I know my plot etc and aim to write 3 novels. A friend said I should get out there and get on writers forums for feedback and stuff, but other than that I’m at a loss! I have no idea how to start, I do have a blog form which I’m writing at the moment, and I know I will need to get a literary agent etc, but is there any other way I can get feedback?


Jennifer, what would you say to Elaine? Do you have a reading group? A book coach? How did you get another pair of eyes –besides our contest – onto your books?


Where to find Jennifers stuff:

Thirteenth Heart on Amazon


We often work so hard to be “real” in our novels, the overriding question often is: Can that really happen? But what if it happens just because you say so? Write a story in which you create everything in the world and trees talk because you say so.


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Word of the Week:


John Stow published his Survey of London in 1562. Under the heading Statutes of the Streets of this City is this: “No Goungfermour shall carry any Ordure till after nine of the Clocke in the night.” That identifies the goungfermour as one of the lowest orders of men, a dung carrier, nightman or cleaner-out of privies, who dealt with the product that a squeamish later generation would refer to euphemistically as night soil.

As goungfermour, the word is known almost exclusively from the statute. It’s a variation on a term that appears much more often as gong farmer or gang farmour. The Oxford English Dictionary suggests that, obviously enough, farmer here meant someone who cleanses or purifies a place. It has been suggested that this is from an old verb fay, to cleanse, from which came the noun faymer, one who cleanses, which changed to farmer by imitation. The Oxford English Dictionary argues, however, that it’s from a different verb, the Old English feormian, of similar sense. The first part, gong, is an Old English word we might replace with privy, jakes, latrine, loo or other related term. Gong is from gang, one’s walk or gait (a sense that survives in German and related languages), so a gong was a place where one “went” to do what was necessary.

Gong farmer does still turn up from time to time, for example in discussions of the sanitary arrangements of castles. It also appears as an exoticism in historical or fantasy writing:

It seemed to me that nearly everyone in Hesperu, from the lowliest gong farmer to the King, was a slave of some sort.

Black Jade, by David Zindall, 2005.


Shout Outs:

Sarah Harris: @sarahbeth006

Salmaan D: @herodfel for his interviews


James Crawford: for his blogs.

Don’t forget we record live every Friday at 3:30pm Californian time which is 8:00am Saturday Morning in South Australia. 😉 Come and join us in the chat room!


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  • Salmaan Dewar
    Posted on August 4, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    Thanks for the shoutout!! i’ve been having a blast doing the interviews and hope that people have been enjoying them and checking out the amazing authors and their works. More are planned!! I suspect I just started interviewing because its easier than coming up with my own blog material :-p #lazy Thanks again!

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