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I am my own worst enemy – I have answered all the trivial email I can – I have replied to tweets (Tx!) I have RT, I have actually read everything on my Hoot Suite account – which I’m counting as critical social media engagement. I applied for a full time job with an ad agency. I have read all the interesting e-books that come free with subscriptions to more newsletters. I have rearranged my writing space in the second house – hell, I bought a second house – all in the service of avoiding the book.

There is nothing wrong with the book. It’s nice – very soon a news reporter will be tossed off a bridge. BUT for some reason, it is difficult to return to the book. It’s difficult to apply myself as one would say, or as a parent would say – remember that? Remember the often-uttered phrase, “Well, you obviously just aren’t applying yourself.”

I don’t know if I ever adequately applied myself. I probably would be a CEO by now if I had just APPLIED myself to my college studies, or better, applied MYSELF to a different college major. My parents were not happy with my major – they were of the mind that business, communications, accounting, those would be better majors, those would garner more job offers, those would get the man. Not English. Please, a person doesn’t even have to apply herself to earn an English degree.
Application may not actually be the problem.

When I APPLY myself to something as dense and absorbing as a book, the rest of life falls away – and falls into disrepair. Including phone calls to the parent who still resides in the back of my brain and asks, a novel? You know the city always needs accountants. But by then it’s too late, I have indeed thoroughly applied myself and happily devote weeks, months to the book.

However. Books, at the outset, do not generate income. The hours spent creating a fictional world may or may not be wasted.
It may or may not end up a satisfying product, a good result.
Perhaps that is the problem between creation and applying oneself. Certainly clear organized effort – applying yourself is its own reward. It just doesn’t pay by the hour.

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  • Michael Seese (@MSeeseTweets)
    Posted on August 29, 2012 at 10:35 am

    As simplistic as it sounds, that’s why I carve out a specific hour each day to write. That way:

    1. When it’s time, it’s just time. No excuses.
    2. I’ve found that as the hour approaches my mind starts working, and I have a very productive session.

  • catharinebramkamp
    Posted on August 29, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    That is the best way!

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