I am an average writer.

I did not sell my first book for a million dollars, or my second, or my third.  I just write.

I am not a driven author, I do not write eight hours a day.  I am a gregarious author, one who likes to drink wine with friends, eat good food and travel to interesting and exotic countries.

So that eliminates the words “intense, powerful, devoted, compulsive and prolific” from my CV.

And I  don’t care.

The  novel I’m creating right now, has no purpose.

Just Writing on an old typewriter

Just Writing

This novel  does not have a platform.

It does not have a twitter account

There is no fan page.

It is not growing an advance fan base

This novel is just itself, like a child who is allowed to play outside  instead of being enrolled in a traveling soccer team. No safety equipment, just a few chunks of cement for goal posts, a couple of friends and a ball.

That’s it.

I have no idea who the novel will appeal to, because I haven’t looked.  This book demands to be nothing but the story. The characters jump up, speak and run amok under their own steam.  They are not checking in with the latest Facebook polls. They are not here to be liked.

So you ask, is this effort enough in this frantic, over-caffeinated, over-connected world?

Of course not

Maybe I’ll call it the anti-book.  No redeeming features, no built in audience –  a low Klout number, no tweets.  I pinned a few pictures on Pintrest, but that’s it. You won’t like the book anyway.  It has no  vampires,  angels or angels who turn into vampires.  It is about average people finding love, finding their lost daughter, finding an arsonist.  I write about average people because I’m an average person myself. I write what I know.

Writing this way has a marvelous subversive quality to it.  I haven’t created any pressure for the book to live up to anything, do anything, be anything.  This book is allowed to be artistic with no thought to commercial value at all.

It may likely be published through Create Space and Smashwords.  That’s okay.

Like knitting a long scarf because the colors are beautiful and the fabric is soft, I’m writing for the fun of it.  Because that’s my art.

Yeah, yeah, I may promote a sale of a copy or two, but not until next year.

Just Writing
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  • Antonia Murphy
    Posted on September 9, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    Huh. That actually makes me want to read it! And no, I’d say your writing is much better than average.

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