Downward dog – fetch

By CBramkamp Poetry 1 Comment on Downward dog – fetch

I got filthy practicing yoga this morning

I love to stretch, the dog loves to fetch

And like dogs do, the ball gets slimy, then really dirty.

And the dog rubs the slime and dirt all over me in an attempt to encourage me to throw

the damn ball again

it sails out the doorway of what I like to call the yoga studio

and back into the dirt

which is the by product of tearing out all the ivy

and the dirt, lots of it, is all over me

Because the dirty ball is being cleaned by rubbing it on my legs

Dirty yoga,

Getting dirt in my eyes during my shoulder stand

tossing the ball with my legs over my head

tossing the ball while trying to sit in a half lotus and contemplate the day

the day, said the dog

pushing the dirt encrusted ball into my back

belongs to me.

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  • Newbie Writers
    Posted on September 11, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    Well he is Zeus afterall. And a mighty Greek god must be obeyed.

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