As I walked the dog yesterday, I realized that a long time ago, one of my desires, my wish, was to own a place where I could just walk out of the back door of the house and march directly onto a lovely trail with no traffic and I could observe the seasons and stretch my legs and get some nature/exercise with little effort. I originally thought, hey that would need to be on a huge tract of land, I’d have to own like five acres in order to have the perfect trail, and I’d walk out the back door to my trail and wouldn’t that be the most excellent thing?

And as I walked the dog down our essentially private street, I realized that I have it. I have the trail, the walking, and the pretty forest.  I have it. And if I don’t have the dog, then I can even walk all the way to the creek.  (There are vicious dogs at the end of the walk, they bite and bark and I don’t want Zeus there.)  So, except for the dogs, the little street is completely what I wanted.    I don’t even have to venture out to the “real” street, the traffic clogged street.  I just walk down the driveway and there I am: the perfect little street, tree covered, shaded, forested.    I can just walk up and down and back to my own little house.  Is that cool?   Another wish fulfilled.  A small wish of course, but I believe that if we stack up all the small wishes, the small wins – we can achieve the bigger wish, the big win.

What do you have right now that a long time ago, you wanted?

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  • Newbie Writers
    Posted on September 13, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    I always wanted to build my own house. Which we’ve done. Gives me a greater sense of ownership to know I was there as the walls went up, how it all goes together.

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