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Thursday I attended the Arizona Interscholastic Press Association High School Journalism Fall Convention.


This was my fifth year as a presenter at this convention and as usual I loved it. I talked with students for roughly forty minutes.


We talked about multimedia platforms in journalism, specifically writing for print, the web and broadcast. The writing techniques for each platform are different and each platform requires specific attention.


However, perhaps the most entertaining part of the session though was the tangent that we collectively dove into about social media and journalism.


Why is this important and how does this help you with your writing? Well, hear me out: engaging in discussion with the future writers of journalism is something that every reporter or journalist should do. Why? To remind you of the core values of this field, to show you the progress that still needs to be made by the media and to motivate you to be innovative and try harder to get the better, bigger, truer and more impactful story out to the public.


Here are a few of the things that I learned from the future of journalism:


  • Never stop fighting the man!
  • Always be on top of new things (social media, the web, instagram, etc)
  • Don’t be afraid of community journalists. Use that emotion to be a better reporter.
  • Don’t forget why you write.
  • Story ideas are every where, so keep your eyes open
  • Remember the basics:
    • Be unbiased
    • Use AP style
    • Always ask questions
    • Look at a subject every angle, even angles you might not realize exist

Just some good things to remember next time you sit down to write a story.


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