Being an Editorial Intern

By mcain Writing Tips Comments Off on Being an Editorial Intern

This lovely Sunday afternoon, at least I hope it’s lovely for you, I will be broaching the topic of what it’s like to be an editorial intern for a magazine.

I’ve had numerous journalism-based internships and I have loved them all, equally. Why? Mostly because I love journalism and everything it entails—interviewing, researching, writing and working on a deadline. Journalism is a passion of mine.

Much like other writers live for developing an intricate story with the plot twists to entertain the masses, I live for the news and deadlines.

One of my most recent journalism internships was with Green Living AZ Magazine. I was an editorial intern and as such worked directly with the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

During my semester long internship I did a lot, well it felt like a lot. I researched and developed a list of products for the magazine to feature in the monthly Cool and Outrageous Stuff category. I was also able to write the paragraph long introduction/informational pitch for each of the chosen products. I really enjoyed doing this because it was a lot like online shopping, which means that it was a blast!

Additionally, I conducted a few interviews for the magazine’s monthly Q & A and I wrote a grand total of three pieces, all of which were published.

Most of all though, the internship really taught me so much about the following: magazine deadlines, publishing and publication quality.

I highly recommend a magazine internship for those of you interested in longer, feature pieces that are less newsy and more fun!

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