Social Media is like Sex in the Seventies.

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Remember the seventies (and if you don’t, I’m terribly sorry)?

smiley face from the seventies

Like Me!

Remember when  promiscuity was permissible?  Even lauded?  And how the minute we all become adept at random acts of coupling sans last names, guides suddenly appeared dedicated to telling us how to do this better.  It no longer was just a casual, natural act.  Sure it was fun, but was it enough fun?  Were others having MORE fun?  Take this Cosmo quiz to find out.


Then experts weighed in, studies funded, discoveries  advertised.  Just when we were enjoying ourselves, we were informed about goals and statistical comparisons. Panic and doubt wedged into our happy Eden (some even resorted to monogamy)  New parts were discovered, new erogenous zones were mapped and published.  We searched for our g spot which at the time was almost as important as increasing our Klout and Google rankings.

And it all came to screeching halt by an unlikely virus.


And there is the single difference.  Unlike sex in the seventies, social media depends on viral behavior, that’s how it reproduces, and we help it along.

There is not such thing as monogamy in social media.

Just like the seventies.

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