Nothing On

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I subscribe to  a number of feeds, linked in groups, newsletters and twitter suggestions trying to lure me back  to twittermania (it won’t work).  And there are days when I scan through the two dozen offerings listed on my email and think, hmmm, nothing’s on.

It is not a bad reaction  Over the   last ten years, we’ve been completely programmed to respond to  whatever information dashes and lands across our flickering screens. We open it.

We read it.

Like commercials in the early days of television. if we wanted to watch the show, we sat through the commercials.  That was the contract.

Until we figured out we could leave the room during commercials and get snacks.

Not to be defeated, we began seeing more commercials for snack food.

The race for our attention was on.

Now we have our very own distracting TV screen, with our very own pushed ads, and our very own distractions and snacks.

On the productivity scale, on the importance scale, If you stay immobile before    a computer screen, or pray over a phone –  it counts.

But we aren’t really working.  You know that.  I certainly know that.

So what can we do?  The lure is there,  we are as immobile before the computer as we are when we  randomly scan through five hundred television channels.

And still – nothing is on.

I have found the antidote.

Do exactly what our parents told us  to do years ago:

“For heaven’s sake, go outside and get some fresh air.”

It worked when we were kids.

It will work now.

Go outside.  Get some fresh air.Fall morning

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