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One of the keys to being a good journalist is have a good story idea. It’s hard into today’s flooded news market to find an intriguing story idea that will interest people and provide you—the journalist—with enough material with which to write. How do you find these story ideas? There are few ways:

  • Observe the world around you. See what people are doing and if it could be news worthy or turned into a feature or lifestyle piece.
  • Sign up for newsletters from various groups and organizations in your area. The weekly/monthly newsletter will let you know what the group is up and, you never know, what the group is doing could make for a great story.
  • Look at stories in the news. Analyze them. Did the original story cover all possible angles of that topic? No. Then write that story from with a different angle or aspect. Just be sure to use different sources.
  • Be a fly on the wall. You’d be amazed at what people talk about in public. An overheard conversation could lead to a great story idea. Just be sure not to report on Gossip. The world doesn’t need any more of that.
  • Always be looking for unique perspectives on current events and issues. A good angle can make on the difference.

Any story idea questions? Follow me @Miranda_Cain. Next week: Developing good angles and interviewing.


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