Paperback 1 – iPad 0

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Some days it’s hard to love my Kindle or in this case the iPad which is colorful and just like the kindle, mostly.

Sunday I wanted to sit outside to capture the last of the Autumn sun and read a book, just get into a book and read for as many uninterrupted hours as it takes to complete the book.

But for some reason my iPad charge had wound down. Just  as I was getting involved and figuring out the plot (the reason the characters and I were all together in the first place) – the 10% charge left notification came up.  I’d have to either leave the story, charge the iPad and admit defeat and sit in front of the football game playing in the living room and wait for it to charge enough so I could return outside.

Or get an extension cord.

My retreat spot was the hammock  on the deck.

No close outlet – it’s over in the corner of the deck.

I needed a long extension cord.

Of course now that I needed a long extension cord, I couldn’t find one.

There wasn’t one in the extension box over the dryer.

I couldn’t find one in the extension cord box in the hall closet.

I plugged in the charger and the iPad in the kitchen during my search figuring that I’d at least get back to a 25% charge during my search.

My husband, who first laughed at me, instructed me to wait until a commercial break, disappeared into the garage and returned carrying  an enormous, thick, green industrial strength extension cord,  He hacked through the olive grove blocking the outdoor outlet and proceeded to unwind the thing across the deck, around the pool and up over the top of the hammock to hang over my shoulder like an Amazon anaconda ready to attack.  I plugged the comparatively tiny  charger into the anaconda’s mouth and finally, continued with my book.

Paperback 1  iPad – 0

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