Angles/Perspectives: Time to tilt your head

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One of the most important parts of journalism writing—no matter your genre or topic—is the angle of the story.

What is an angle in terms of a story?  Well, it is the perspective, the lens through which you write the story. For example, take the topic of a festival. You could write a story about a festival from the angle of participants, visitors or the creation of the festival.

To have an interesting, engaging story (unless it’s breaking news) you need a good, strong angle that will grab readers’ attention.

Here are some quick tips to finding an angle for your next journalism article:

  • Observe: Observe the topic and the people involved with it. Look at everything and see what is interesting, different or news worthy.
  • Research: Back up your observations with research of facts. Facts are the only thing that should be in a journalism article.
  • Innovation: Don’t be afraid to ask different questions. Get creative with the angle and looking for the angle.
  • Interview: Interview large variety of sources. Develop a lot of interview questions. Ask each source different questions. Make sure your questions cover the basic but also go in-depth. The more information you have the better. The more quotes you have the better. The more you have of anything (except doubt and opinion) in journalism allows you to have plenty of options when writing your story
  • Think outside of the box: Before you start anything else, ask yourself questions about the story. For example:
    • What makes this story different from any other?
    • Why should people be interested in this?
    • Is there a specific person or story within the story that will give this idea new life?
    • Is it news worthy?

How do you come up with interesting story angles?

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