Stuck in the Middle With Ourselves

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Chris Baty, founder of NaNoWriMo reminds us that the middle of any endeavor is called the Long, dark night of the soul for a reason.

Two way rock in Turkey

“Every Hollywood movie has one because we love seeing our protagonists pummeled for a while before they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and head out to kick some ass.”

So what is your middle? For writers, the middle is a deadly place. But for most of us, the middle operates as a metaphor.   Do you need to change it your situation?  Is the heroine boring?  Are you boring?   Is she given to spouting clichés?  Did she bat her eyes at the hero and then faint dead in the hero’s arms?

Have you run short of heros here in the middle?

Maybe your heroine needs a hobby.  Like lighting things on fire.  Or running away from home.  Or getting herself kidnapped by aliens.  Any kind of Alien will do.

The point is, sometimes when you struggle in the middle that resembles creativity quicksand, your job is to stop struggling and look around for a low hanging branch.

Consider it this way, Snow White was in the middle of the forest when she encountered the dwarves.  Belle was in the middle of the castle when she encountered the beast.  The Titanic was sailing in the middle of the ocean when it hit the iceberg.

If we are embroiled in the middle, it means there is more to the story.

Yes, the  middle is soft, squishy and difficult.  And for some, it’s the best part.

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