What Do You Really Want to Write?

By CBramkamp Average women, creative writing, Writing Encouragement Comments Off on What Do You Really Want to Write?

Even if you aren’t participating in NaNoWriMo, and maybe especially if you aren’t participating, take a moment and create a list of all the books you want to write.  What do you really, really want to create?  What do you love to read?  Would you like to write the same kind of book?  What are your favorite films?  Would you like to write a screen play that is just like those favorites?

It’s not an new idea, writing down what you really want, but for writers, sometimes we get caught up in the idea that we should write what is popular, or what is on the best seller list.Cologne Typewriter in the Flea market by the Rhien


Write what you love.

National Novel Writing Month isn’t over yet.

Give it a try.

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