How Bad did NaNoWriMo Get?

By CBramkamp Average women, creative writing Comments Off on How Bad did NaNoWriMo Get?

You know you are deep, really deep, in the throes of NaNoWriMo when you arrive at a restaurant, focused on  quickly jotting down the main plot points, the pivotal plot points in your NaNo Novel all of which came in a    rush while you were sitting  still  in stop-start holiday traffic and you realize that your trusty notebook that you always haul around in the purple purse, was left behind when you switched out to the red purse (see holiday above)  and you have nothing in the car on which to write  and so you rifle through the free flyers  in the lobby of the  Chinese restaurant and see that not a single advertising missive  has left a blank space  on the back  and you wonder briefly if the mexican place next door features offers those paper placemats with a map of Mexico on one side and BLANK on the other side and if so can you make a dash for it  but it’s too late and you are seated at your lovely table in the Chinese restart and before you can panic,  use the restroom (see traffic) and there is the solution:  sheets of paper towel for the taking.  You pull out  a  half dozen.

And you write on those.

It works surprisingly well.

The moral of this story: always carry a pen.

I don’t think this post would have finished so nicely if I had been forced to use either soy sauce or what was left of my Mary Kay Pink Satin lip color.

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