Episode 66 – Radio, Awards, Vegas and Philippe Perez!

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Episode 66- The Newbie Writer’s Podcast

Special Guest: Philippe Perez



We lost to Grammar Girl but that’s ok. Always next year. Podcast awards run down, what happens in Vegas stays in Episode 66 for everyone to hear.

Special Guest Phillipe Perez to talk journalism, freelance writing and what it’s like to write/produce and host for radio.

Here’s where the majority of my work sits at the moment: The AU Review
I also have a blog which I haven’t updated in a while (yes, I am naughty), but will do a bit more stuff for it later this year! Subject Noun Object Blog

And yes, I’ve also started to contribute to Top Shelf Mag, like I mentioned.

In terms of my radio work, I currently broadcast on Friday Breakfast 3CR: 3CR Radio- Friday Breakfast

And as you know, I work for SBS Radio and am planning a writers podcast. I’m hoping to get one single site that encompasses all my work in one place soon (all seems a bit daunting, but I will get there)!

Typical questions:

How does writing for a radio show differ from your other forms of writing? Eg journalism?

What are some tips you can give for a newbie wanting to enter into the freelance world?

Most bizarre thing you’ve encountered on morning/breakfast radio. Catharine can chime in on this.

Tell us about your writer’s podcast idea.

Ultimate tip for a newbie.

* What are ways to get regularly writing after a bit of a rest?


Write your acceptance speech for your work/product. Be it a book, poem, article written or even something you do as a day job. Who do you thank? Who do you want to verbally abuse? Describe the location, the settings and the famous people who attend.

Tortured Sentences:

Bad Sentences These from http://chuma.cas.usf.edu/~pinsky/gallery_1.htm
From Dr. Michael Pinsky
English – University of South Florida

“When the pirates arrived in the Bahamas two centuries later, Columbus was already gone.”  Well, I certainly hope so.  Can you imagine what he would smell like if he was still there?  In the student’s first version of this paper, the pirates arrived to actually chase Christopher Columbus off the island, until I pointed out that troublesome two century gap.  This revised version from the student’s portfolio now becomes a masterpiece of understatement.

Word of the Week:

A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg


PRONUNCIATION: (noo-GAS-i-tee, nyoo-)

noun: Triviality; futility.

From Latin nugax (trifling), from nugari (to trifle). Earliest documented use: 1572.

“For many, the Beachcomber column has been an oasis of nugacity in an otherwise worthy landscape.”
Beachcomber; The Daily Express (London, UK); Jan 9, 2006.


Shout Outs:

Podcast Awards, Catharine and Andrew for sending me photos and being gracious enough to attend.

Dionne Lister and her book Shadows of the Realm made Amazon Best Seller List!


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