Episode 67- Toilets, Beaver’s Pond and Dara Beevas!

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Sorry for the mega lateness of this, the past week just vanished into thin air. Here are the show notes from last week.


Episode 67- The Newbie Writer’s Podcast

Special Guest: Dara Beevas


Dara Beevas is an author, speaker, coach, editor, and blogger. She is the vice president of Beaver’s Pond Press, an award-

winning mentoring publisher that provides consulting, editing, book design, printing, eBook and marketing services for indie authors. She is also president and co-founder of Wise, Ink, an online community dedicated to content creators. Her passion for writing and publishing has led her to help more than three hundred authors publish their books in her decade-long career in book publishing.

Her book, The Indie Author Revolution was released in fall 2012. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Mary Baldwin College and a Masters degree in Publishing from George Washington University. In 2009 she was selected as an “Emerging Writer” by the Given’s Foundation.

The Power of Purpose: How to Craft Your Message into Winning Content (45 – 60 minutes)

We all know that content is king. But, purpose is queen. If you’re a thought leader, blogger, consultant, or author, spreadable content married to your unique message, story, and purpose is the key to reaching a ready audience faster. Learn the three tools to create content that can be repurposed across multiple platforms: social networks, eBooks, speaking topics, and printed books. Discover the tricks of content pros and how to leverage your voice to increase your visibility and craft a powerful platform.


1. Tools to identify your unique content message


2. A step-by-step process for determining if your content is “spreadable”


3. Online tools to build an online presence with savvy and originality


The Indie Author Revolution: How to Publish Your Book with Panache

Engage, Enlighten, Empower: The Three E’s of Growing Your Audience and Boosting Sales



For More Information or to Book Dara:



Phone: 651-204-0421


Word of the Week:



This is now literary or poetic, so anyone you stumble across using it is probably exposing their erudition. It refers to somebody who is gloomy, morose, irritable or bad-tempered. It came into English in the seventeenth century from Latin atra bilis, black bile. This is the direct Latin equivalent (what linguists call a loan translation) of the Greek word that gave us melancholy, which comes from Greek melas, black, plus khole, bile.

Black bile was one of the four humours of ancient medicine that in their relative proportions determined one’s underlying disposition. The others were blood, phlegm, and yellow bile or choler. These gave rise respectively to the adjectives sanguine (cheerfully optimistic, from the French word sang, blood), phlegmatic (unemotional and stolidly calm), and choleric (bad-tempered or irritable).

However, atrabilious took on some of the idea behind the choleric sort of bile (and one sense of bilious) to mean bad-tempered as well as melancholy.

Incidentally, atrabilious is one of the few words in English that uses this Latin word for black rather than the better-known niger. The most common one is atrocious, which comes from a figurative Latin sense something like “black-hearted”; another is atrium, originally the name of the Roman open hall, so called because the walls became smoke-blackened from the central fire.





If you were a graffiti artist and were to make your mark on the side of buildings, trains, buses, what would it be? What would your tag line be? What is your best color? Where would you tag? Any messages?

Write about you, the street artist.



Tortured sentences:

I issued a plea for bad sentences to our facebook followers, let’s see what happens!

Shout outs:

Genese Davis: Holder’s Dominion Sneak Peak.

Endorsements for The Holder’s Dominion

The Holder’s Dominion is a heartfelt, fast-paced thrill ride that will appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike.”

Micky Neilson, New York Times-bestselling author

Genese Davis is astonishingly deft at creating believable characters with a few sentences. You fall at once into Kaylie’s world, thinking you’re in for one story, and Davis sneakily takes you on another ride altogether. It will keep you turning the pages.”
Christie Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi—Ascension and World of Warcraft: Arthas—Rise of the Lich King

The Holder’s Dominion is a must-read for gamers. . . . My secret hope is that her strong heroine’s experiences in such a rich video game world inspires more women to enter the game industry and make a game that can be this immersive and life-changing.

Billy Cain, vice-chairman, International Game Developers Association – Austin


Davis creates both an everyday world and a world of adventure, then she laces them together and pulls tightly. If anyone implemented Edannair, I’d certainly want to play it!”

Richard A. Bartle, PhD, Professor of Game Design, University of Essex


A complex and inventive tale, The Holder’s Dominion reveals the world of online gaming through revolutionary characters. Gaming has never looked more intriguing . . . or inviting.”

Kristian Nairn, actor

Genese Davis is an author to watch.”

James Waugh, senior developer and entertainment executive

An imaginative outing. Davis gives a post-modern take on a classic fantasy journey as a young woman steps away from a broken family and faces a larger world.”

Alan Kistler, author and host of Crazy Sexy Geeks Podcast

The Holder’s Dominion was a very good read. . . . The intensity and intricacies in the dynamics of a family struggling to cope with loss were expressed very well. . . . very eye opening.”

Timothy Mitchell, highly ranked World of Warcraft player


A captivating adventure, a struggle through personal pain paralleled by the challenge to take on a mysterious leader, entirely real and curiously mystical . . . human emotions and relatable characters enhanced by a vivid fantasy realm.”

Jacob Horning, musician and video game expert

With its climatic chapters, I can’t remember the last time a book kept me in such suspense like The Holder’s Dominion.”

Sarah Cypher, CEO, The Threepenny Editor


Also, would you mind letting everyone know that pre-orders are up for The Holder’s Dominion on the Publisher’s website called Beaver’s Pond Books, and on Amazon! The book has also been added to Goodreads and to IndieBound. And guess what!? There is an exclusive perk to pre-ordering through Beaver’s Pond Books! You get the book shipped early if you pre-order through their site! Instead of the book shipping on March 1st. You get the book shipped no later than February 20th! Here are the links:

Beaver’s Pond Books







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