Episode 71 – Four Paws and Funerals!

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Episode 71- The Newbie Writer’s Podcast

Amber Norrgard and Scott Morgan.


Four Paws

Four Paws, a poetry anthology that will raise money for the Dallas Humane Society’s no-kill shelter, Dog & Kitty City, is scheduled to be released in e-book and print format on February 24, 2013 via Amazon.com and Smashwords.com, and is authored by myself, Scott Morgan, Ben Ditmars and Robert Zimmermann with a forward by Russell Blake.
The book is an anthology of works published by The Quillective Project, a nonprofit group of writers whose mission is to turn the power of the written word into an instrument of compassion, hope, and generosity by putting that power directly in the hands of organizations that share our principles.
The more sales of Four Paws, the more money for Dog & Kitty City ‒‒ money that can be used to provide food, inoculations, and resources to help a very worthy organization.
Simply getting the word out is more than enough, because even if someone does not buy the book, but is merely inspired by what The Quillective Project is hoping to accomplish and goes out to make a change, no matter how small, in this world, that right there is priceless.
You do not have to buy it.
But I do ask that you help us promote it.
Through the sale of anthologies of short literary works, organizations embraced by The Quillective Project will have a continuing and residual source of income. The contributors and members of The Quillective Project receive no money ‒‒ 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to select organizations.
This will be a yearly collaboration. Quillective won’t always release a poetry anthology, and the author’s contributing to this year’s anthology won’t always be the contributing authors each year. But every year, there will be an organization in need chosen to receive 100% of all proceeds from each collaboration.
Join us in supporting Dog and Kitty City, the Humane Society of Dallas’s No-Kill Shelter as The Quillective Project’s 2013 recipient.
How You Can Help
If you have a blog? I want a guest blog spot to promote Four Paws, and I want you to interview myself or the other creative contributors for the book. If you have a Twitter account? I’m asking you to follow @Quillective and @FourPawsProject and @Dallas_Humane, and to RT any tweets that are sent out from those accounts.

If you have a Facebook page, I’m asking you to like

Four Paws on Facebook

Quillective Project on Facebook

Humane Society of Dallas County on Facebook

If you have a radio show or podcast? I’m asking for a guest spot on it.
I’m asking you for help. Not for myself, not for the other authors on this project, but for these animals that have no voice with which to speak. Dog & Kitty City is a no-kill shelter. That means if an animal is taken in by them, if it is never adopted, it lives its life out at Dog & Kitty City.
You know what? I’m proud to ask for help on this. Because I am proud to be a part of something bigger and better than myself.
You can help by signing up here: Sign up at Google Docs
Please help us make a difference.


The Mission of The Quillective Project
The three main principles we live by are:
Ours is not always a kind world, particularly to those with no voice of their own. The Quillective Project strives to use our words to benefit those who cannot speak for themselves, or who have trouble being heard when they try. And we believe, as the great Buddhist spiritualist Thich Nhat Hahn believes, that “compassion is a verb.”

Literary Excellence

The Quillective Project is comprised of a dedicated team of writers, designers, marketers, and strategists. But in the end, our ability to help lies solely on the quality of our written projects. Unless we are able to make our readers laugh, cry, think, or become inspired, we simply will not succeed.
Writing is a solitary profession and so often the output is designed to benefit only the writer. At The Quillective Project, we believe that sometimes the written word is bigger than ourselves, and that it most benefits us when it most benefits our communities and our world.
For more information visit Dog ‘n’ Kitty City


Scott Morgans Additions: How To Be a Whiny Beeyotch is out and so is, as of today, Stories My Evil Twin Made Up, which is my short fiction collection

One of Amber’s Poems:


The vibrancy
Of nature’s paint brush
So hidden and so bold
As I stroll through
The containment
Of what once was free
But imprisoned for
Loudness to see
The breathtaking wonder
Of a moment captured
What was given
To the receivers
So determined
To destroy such a Beautiful blessing

Word of the Week:

impudent PRONUNCIATION: (IM-pyuh-duhnt)

adjective: Marked by offensive boldness.

From Latin im- (not) + pudere (to make or be ashamed) which also gave us pudibund (prudish), pudency (modesty), and pudeur (a sense of shame). Earliest documented use: 1386.

“The tie has matching socks and braces … It seems imprudent (and possibly impudent) to ask if his boxers match, as well.”
Mike Amos; Laughing Matter; Northern Echo (Darlington, UK); Mar 5, 2011.

Explore “impudent” in the Visual Thesaurus.


A friend or close relative has died and you are asked to speak at the funeral. What is your opening sentence? Red Symonds from Skyhooks said at Shirley Straun’s funeral: “He had to die in a helicopter accident, what a f***n show off”

Shout Outs:

Tale Teller Podcast with Philippe Perez: http://taletellerpodcast.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/episode-1-carly-findlay.html

Scott Morgan:

Write Hook Website


Amber’s Website




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