Episode 72 – ‘The Social Media Monthly with Bob Fine!’

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Episode 72: The Newbie Writer’s Podcast

Guest: Bob Fine




Founder and editor for http://thesocialmediamonthly.com/

The Social Media Monthly Magazine


Catharine met Bob at the NMX in Las Vegas and he agreed to come and discuss launching a hard copy magazine about the digital world.

Tell us about the magazine

Tell us about your journey in creating and distributing your magazine

You also request contributions by writers or graphic artists what is your criteria and have you come across any submissions that would stand in as cautionary tales for the newbie writer?

Should a newbie writer be looking at submitting to magazines, journals and blogs what would you tell them?



Re-write the ending to a favorite fairy tale. What if one of the ugly stepsisters got the prince? What if Hansel and Gretel found another house? Think of alternatives within the basic construct of the fairy story or legend. There is a whole entertainment industry doing just that, what about you?

Tortured sentences:

Mis-use of quote marks. Courtesy of http://www.unnecessaryquotes.com/

All unattended vehicles must be “locked”.

“No” ambulance beyond this point.

Cell phone may “not” be used in this area.



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Amber Norrgard


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Word of the week:

From Wordsmith.org.


noun: The transposition of (usually) the initial sounds of words producing a humorous result.

For example:
“It is now kisstomary to cuss the bride.” (Rev. Spooner while officiating at a wedding)
“Is the bean dizzy?” (Rev. Spooner questioning the secretary of his dean)
After William Archibald Spooner (1844-1930), clergyman and educator, who was prone to this. Earliest documented use: 1900.

“As for her own red-faced moment on air, Hudson recalled how she coined a somewhat racy spoonerism in a reference to Killorglin’s Puck Fair.”
Seán McCárthaigh; AA Roadwatch Broadcasters Celebrate 21 Years; Irish Examiner (Cork, Ireland); Aug 31, 2010.


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