Bonding with Battered Books

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I had to share a comment from a reader about Allison Little, the heroine of the Real Estate Diva Mysteries:

My heart is still with Allison. HOW I could relate to her being able to part with only 5 books! AND her dismay and confusion at the less-than-admiring remarks of others (the philistines) about grubby/torn (read beloved) paperbacks. I’ve had my godson line 2 walls of my former library, now my office, with bookshelves. One wall has shelves specifically designed for paperbacks; the other, for hard cover books.

Like Allison, I’m trying to part with some books – and that’s not always a chore. Finding that I could donate the unwanted hardcovers to the library assuaged my conscience vis-a-vis land fill. The paperbacks go to the second-hand bookstore for credit!

See, aren’t I ecologically minded?

Marilyn Temmer

Your Family Stories

 I have shelves of precious books in less than perfect condition, what about you?

One of the Real Estate Diva Mysteries

One of the Real Estate Diva Mysteries

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