Episode 74 – Sniffles, The Mother Country and Katy Moran!

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Episode 74- The Newbie Writer’s Podcast

Special Guest: Katy Moran

Tell us about your books

I liked your story about your inspiration behind your novel Bloodline, tell us that story and what else has inspired your books?

You were in publishing way back in 2009, what made you move from publishing to writing and what do you think of publishing now?

Tell us how and what you research for your books.

Tell us about your latest work.

What inspires you to write.

Your website is full of great tips and tricks for new writers. Why this angle on your site rather than other authors who just have a blog about themselves?

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Word of the week:


verb tr.:
1. To avoid or abstain from.
2. To renounce under oath.

From Latin abjurare (to deny on oath), from ab- (away) + jurare (to swear). Earliest documented use: 1430.

“Many modern writers abjure the power of stories in their work, banish them to the suburbs of literature, drive them out toward the lower pastures of the lesser moons.”
Pat Conroy; Interpreting the World Through Story; The Writer (Waukesha, Wisconsin); Jun 2012.

Tortured sentence:

This statement is very true your body is a temple something you cherish yet women today are allowing any and every one to see and touch it for money when in reality there is not a form of payment that is worth it.


There is a new History Channel show called simply: Vikings. What would you be like if you were a Viking? What do you know about that culture? Anything? Write a few paragraphs about an historical character without any research. Then at the very least, look up the subject on Wikipedia, change anything about what you previously wrote?

Her books, from her web site:

Bloodline will take you back to the distant past of the British Isles – a bloody tangle of warring kingdoms and tribes, where trees, animal and people live in closer harmony, and loyalty is everything. War threatens, and Essa is thrown headlong into a mess that threatens the lives of everyone he loves. He is just a halfbreed, son of a wandering Briton song-man in a land where the power of the Anglish settlers is rising – can he really do anything to stop the bloodshed? Swearing loyalty to both sides is a dangerous way to try…
Buy a copy of Bloodline…

Bloodline Rising
Bloodline Rising is set in the ancient city of Constantinople – decadent, beautiful and filthy, it’s the perfect territory for a cunning thief and gang-leader like the Ghost… Skilled at lying and deceit, able to move more silently than a shadow – how will the Ghost use his powers? Is he a hero or a villain, or both?
Buy a copy of Bloodline Rising

Spirit Hunter
Spirit Hunter is the story of a powerful love forged between two sworn enemies. On the dangerous Silk Road – the age-old trade route that runs all the way from Europe to China – a young woman, Asena, is captured by a Shaolin devotee, Swiftarrow. Asena is taken to the ancient city of Chang’an, where she is forced to begin her life anew and learn the ways of the Shaolin. But just as love blossoms between Asena and her captor, a deadly political game threatens to ruin not only their feelings for each other, but also their lives.
Buy a copy of Spirit Hunter

Dangerous to Know
Dangerous to Know is a modern-day love story for the festival-going generation. Jack and Bethany are teenagers in love. There’s only one problem: Jack’s family has a dark past, and whilst he and Bethany are desperate to be together, Bethany’s family is desperate to keep them apart. When Jack and Bethany defy their parents and head for the summer festivals, no one is prepared for the emotional upheaval involved.

Shout outs:

Camra from BookDivas.com here – was wondering if you could help us spread the word about something to your readers. We recently launched our Ask a New Author column with a new set of newbie authors. For the next several months we will have Jean Ryan, Olivia Chadha, and Mindy Mejia, all from Ashland Creek Press, answer questions about writing and publishing.

The purpose of the column is to give aspiring writings an inside look at how authors who have recently jumped the publishing hurdle did it – from writing advice to getting their publishing deal. Their advice is honest, fresh & from the heart!
I was hoping that you would be willing to share with your readers that they can submit their questions to askanewauthor@bookdivas.com, we pick 3 each month to feature, and then select 1 of those to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

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