Episode 76: WordPressing It With Brett Bumeter!

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Episode 76 Newbie Writer’s Podcast

 Special Guest: Brett Bumeter



My website is http://softduit.com.  I am working to build out my YouTube channel this year at http://youtube.com/brettbum

I am a newbie writer in progress myself.  My books is called Peter3d Out at http://peter3dout.com .  It’s a nice little science fiction novel based prosthetic sexual devices used as drugs wrapped in a formulaic murder mystery, or at least it would be formulaic if I could follow a formula. 

A Gripping Cyber Punk ‘whodunnit’!
Filled with intrigue and erotic role reversals, Peter3d Out is a comical peep show into the future of technology, crime fighting, politics and sex.

In the spirit of Forest Gump visiting the set of Boogie Nights portrayed by the descendants of the cast of Pulp Fiction.

The samples and reading parts out loud are interesting. What are you discovering with this method, putting your book up as it progresses?

There are aspects of the book that are loosely modeled after my real life experience as a corporate whistleblower after Motorola sold my division to their Chinese supplier, which happened to be involved in organized crime.

He has developed social media campaigns for Izod, Digital River & Nuance makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking. He provides blog consulting services for CEOs of firms around the world, working for clients, increasing customer relationships to attract & hold business through social media.

Brett speaks at conferences in the US helping other businesses, bloggers & web designers adapt their businesses to the web and social media profitably using WordPress as a CMS.

Through Softduit Media, Brett offers web design, WordPress Configuration, and WordPress migration packages, plus social media marketing, SEO, & ghost writing services using industry proven strategies.
As a product evangelist/blogger/trainer, he helps people maximize their effectiveness using great tools like WordPress as a Content Management System, MindManager for brainstorming & business planning, WindowsLiveWriter for effective blog writing on a desktop client & Dragon Naturally Speaking to make writing flow quick & easy.
He builds profitable blogging strategies that evolve every day in an industry that changes weekly, covering consumer electronics, software, social media, solar power, personal finance, politics & comedy.
A Jack of all trades turned professional philosopher.

Specialties:Increasing quality of social media, helping publishers build business models to quit day jobs & work at social media profitably!

Author Entrepreneurship Magazine. Download the latest issue (or view online) here:  Author Entrepreneurship. Yep! It’s free! Please share with your friends and colleagues!

Word of the Week:





1. Exemption from the jurisdiction of local law, for example, as for diplomats.
2. The applicability of a state’s laws outside its territory.



From Latin extra- (outside) + territorium (land around a town), from terra (land). Earliest documented use: 1836.



“Henry McMaster also said he plans to argue that the extraterritoriality principle bars one state from passing laws that would affect people in other states.”
Monica Chen; State Attorney General Addresses York County Day; The Herald (Rock Hill, South Carolina); Mar 28, 2007.

“Extraterritoriality was the end goal of every colonizing power. With it, the colonizers could control the laws within the bounds of their jurisdictions.”
David Rotenberg; Shanghai; Viking Canada; 2008.


What were your favorite poems in school? I remember the Highway Man, http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-highwayman/ the rhythm, the tragedy.

I also remember Ozymandias by Shelley http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/ozymandias/

the Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service. http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/174348

All these have stayed with me forever, which just demonstrates the importance of poetry and language when we’re young.

What was your favorite poem? Look it up. Read it again. Now consider why it’s a favorite. Write about why you remember it so clearly. Was it the poem itself? Or was it the place where you learned it? The time? The teacher? Write about either the poem, or around the poem.




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