Episode 77 – Tap The Influencer With Vanessa Bogehold!

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Episode 77 of The Newbie Writer’s Podcast

 Special guest: Vanessa Bogehold


Tap Influencer

First of all, since Catharine met you, the name of the company has changed from Blog Frog to tap influence. What influenced the change in name? And has the concept be altered or evolved as well?

Tap Influence Website

Can you walk us through the idea of influencers and explain a little about bloggers and being influential? What does that mean anyway?


It looks like this is software geared to help major brands develop relationships with social influencers. Now, back in the old fashion days, we called that selling out – what is the difference? And is there a difference?


In a recent article a professor of journalism bemoaned the idea that readers will not know if they are reading something that is straight, uninfluenced opinions or an article some how supported by a brand, or political party or anything really.

What do you think about that? Is this inevitable given that so many outlets don’t pay for articles, so a writer has to go to someone to get paid?



This is the quote from the website:

Our cloud-based software facilitates meaningful relationships between brands and social media influencers. It enables brands to manage influencer campaigns at scale, distribute actionable, branded content, and measure results in one place. Our influencer marketplace allows them to verify influencer social metrics in real-time, identify influencers that are relevant to their brand, and  activate successful campaigns.



Can you help us unpack this paragraph? What does this all mean?


If a newbie is interested in this kind of work, what are their next steps?



TapInfluence enables influencers across different social platforms to earn revenue by connecting them with top brands. The TapInfluence marketplace makes it easy for influencers to showcase their content and find compensated opportunities with brands.


Brands that use TapInfluence for impactful influencer marketing campaigns include ABC News/United Nations Foundation, KOA Campgrounds,  Udi’s Gluten Free, Horizon Organics and Random House. 


As TapInfluence’s Head of Influencer Development I am very passionate about influencers, and am determined to support them within the TapInfluence universe, and throughout the socialsphere. I have experienced firsthand the difference influencers can make for brands, from food to independent cinema. I’ve worked on all sides of Influencer Marketing programs – from program execution to business development with brands. My experience includes account management for US and international accounts, and producing notable independent films whose success I insist is due to influencers. Growing up bilingual I am fluent in French, which will come in very handy when TapInfluence goes global!




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Word of Week






verb tr.:
1. To discharge or release.
2. To conceal; to keep secret.



For 1: Back-formation from secretion, from Latin secernere (to separate), from se- (apart) + cernere (to sift). Earliest documented use: 1707.
For 2: Alteration of obsolete verb secret, from Latin secernere (to separate), from se- apart + cernere (to sift). Earliest documented use: 1741.



“Snails and slugs move along on a body part called a foot. This foot constantly secretes mucus that allows them to slowly glide along.”
Laurie Garretson; Snail Bait; Victoria Advocate (Canada); May 17, 2012.

“The bag has a communications device secreted in the lining.”
Will Pavia; Open Chanel to Moscow; The Times (London, UK); May 22, 2012.


Tortured Sentences:

Starting college after establishing a career, family, or both will definitely make a marked difference in the way you live your life. However it will undoubtedly result in many significant positive changes in the long run.


Julian’s book.



½ Assed

What are you doing perfectly that you could do in a sort of half assed way that wouldn’t be perfect, but would advance the cause?

Are you working over the first chapter so that it has no meaning but the semi colons are finally, exactly, right?

Write about an experience or a joy that you do badly. I recently took up playing the piano and I’m learning the Ukelele, I don’t do either well, but it doesn’t matter. What do you love to do? (Golf?) but don’t do well? What does that mean for your writing?


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