Episode 78 – “Getting Passionate With Keith Abraham!”

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Episode 78- The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Keith Abraham



Book: Living your Passion

He is the author of the best selling book ‘Creating Loyal Profitable Customers’ and his second book ‘Living Your Passion.’ From humble beginnings, he climbed the rung to head a team of 65 with a $15 million dollar budget at the tender age of 27. In 1999, Keith was awarded the prestigious title of Certified Speaking Professional by the National Speakers’ Association-acknowledging him as one of Australia’s top 30 professional speakers – and today he shares his thought – provoking ideas with over 175 corporate clients in 3 continents. He regularly contributes to magazines and industry journals across the country.



 Our belief is that everyone can be passionate about something in his or her life. It is our ultimate purpose and lifelong quest to assist people to ignite their passion, discover their passion and live their passion. Each of us needs to find our own reason to live a more meaningful life, that is beyond our day to day existence and that creates a profound legacy.

Passionate Tribe was created just for you! Founded on the premise that each of us can live a meaningful life, a life that’s bigger than what you could have imagined and that will live on after you have gone. We are in the role of giving people just like you the hope that you have the options & choices, as well as the how to turn your dreams, desires and destinations into reality. Then provide you with access to an online & offline tribe of like minded people who are in pursuit of their passion, purpose & plans.

Discover your passion – a free ebook from the site.

In this book you list 8 areas of life we should feel passionate about

And you have fifty items for each heading, I signed up and couldn’t think of 100 things nor did I have the time – tell me why I’m wrong

Is there a smaller way to start or is that too limiting?

So tell us how we lose our passion, what happened?

And how can we revive it again? Are there steps?


 Word of the Week:

 Author Entrepreneurship Magazine. Download the latest issue (or view online) here: www.authorentrepreneurship.com Yep! It’s free! Please share with your friends and colleagues!


with Anu Garg (from www.wordsmith.org)





1. Jumping from topic to topic; rambling.
2. Proceeding logically, using reason or argument rather than emotion.


From Latin discurrere (to run about), from dis- (apart) + currere (to run). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kers- (to run), which is also the source of car, career, carpenter, occur, discharge, succor, and caricature. Earliest documented use: 1599.


“The book is discursive, gently meandering down the River Thames.”
Three Men In A Boat; Northern Echo (Darlington, UK); Sep 20, 2012.



Stuck really describing a character? Not even clear yourself about his or her motivation?

Describe their home. You may not even pick up on them, but they will be there, as symbols or more obvious traits: the house is always cold, the back door is always left unlocked.

The second way this knowledge can help you is to look at your own house.

Why is the TV show Hoarders so popular? You can sit on your sprung couch surrounded by Little Caesar pizza boxes and 1997 issues of National Geographic and say, well, at least my home isn’t as bad as theirs.

Probably true. But what does your clutter say about you?

While we are at it, how big is that TV?

In a recent issue of O magazine, Martha Beck suggests that you describe your house – quickly – the ten minute write way – and you will create an metaphorical description of your inner world.

Scary huh? You can use that information to evaluate your life, your environment or re-consider the couch. Or ignore it. But homes, our living environments reflect directly on our character.


Tortured Sentences:


What the world sees of them, is not what they of them self’s. Being overweight at early age of life could bring complication in a teen’s life.

Bulimia beings at early age of life affecting more woman then men, having bulimia could affect not only the body but also the brain and the way adolescents perform.


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 Art from Adversity- A life with Bi-polar


• Shines the spotlight on mental illness, in particular, bipolar disorder. It

provides an insight into what it is like to become mentally ill, to ascend

into mania, free fall into depression, and finally emerge profoundly

changed by the experience.

• Her artworks, both on the cover and woven throughout the book,

illustrate the creativity that can come from adversity.

• Demonstrates that education about mental illness is the key to

understanding and freedom.

• Includes an extensive resource guide with links to support agencies


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