Episode 80- “The Doctor’s In The House with Stacey Aaronson”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Stacey Aaronson

Special Co-host: Philippe Perez of The TaleTeller Podcast



Stacey Aaronson, Professional Book Doctor
Writing & Editing; Graphic, Website & Book Design

Tell us about being a book doctor, what inspired you to create a career out of helping other authors?

Tell us about your clients – in general terms, who uses a book doctor? Should a newbie writer approach and hire a book doctor?

How far along should the manuscript be before you can really help an author with their book?

What is the worst thing you ever read?

The Best thing you’ve read?

Catharine always recommends that authors do not design their own covers – and you are a designer- what are some tips for authors for finding a good graphic designer, like yourself, or simply what to look for in a good book cover design.

Here are some great points to touch on for self-publishing authors:

The biggest mistakes self-pub authors are making when putting out their own books (I have a top 10 list on this subject … and this could actually be the whole podcast … discussing these! You’re welcome to touch on any of these, or go through them one at a time with me—I explain how authors can avoid these mistakes)
Little to no market research
Lack of professional editing
Inferior cover design
Substandard interior layout and design
Lack of proofreading
Poorly written marketing/book-related materials
Not comparing providers to find the best one(s) for you
Rushing the project/Not building a platform at least 6 months before your book launch
Not asking the right questions of providers/companies and therefore being disappointed with results
Not embracing the mindset of “Do it well or not at all”

Here are a few others:

When a book should rival a traditional house publication and when it doesn’t need to
The appropriate time frame for producing a top-quality book
Why “fast” and “easy” are adjectives that should never apply to producing a top-quality book
Are companies that convert and distribute your manuscript/print book as an e-book a good idea?
Why knowledge and use of appropriate typography is such a huge part of cover and interior design
What factors determine the royalties that a self-pub author can expect?


What is your favorite mistake? What did you do that you thought was a total disaster at the time, but turned out to be a marvelous opportunity? Or you made a fabulous friend? In fiction and in video games, the disasters are often opportunities; the door at the bottom of the well, the enemy who turns into the loyal friend. What is your story?

Tortured sentences:
Entertainment media is mostly negative because it give women a negative look all women in most music videos are have nude.
(I can’t even make stuff like this up)

From one of Catharine’s classes:

Word of the week

Still brought to you by  <a href=”http://authorentrepreneurship.com/” target=”_blank”>Author Entrepreneurship Magazine



verb intr.: To make a humming or buzzing noise.

From Latin bombilare to (hum, buzz). Earliest documented use: 1600s.

“The entire building was bombilating like a cicada.”
Matt Cantor; Some Cures for Noisy Neighbors; The Berkeley Daily Planet (California); Oct 9, 2008.

Courtesy of <a href=”http://www.wordsmith.org” target=”_blank”>Wordsmith.org</a>


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