Episode 82 – “Travels, Quasimodo and Anna Waddington-Feather!”

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Episode 82 of The Newbie Writers’ Podcast


Special Guest: Anne Waddington-Feather

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Annie trained as a journalist before taking to the road as a tour leader for an adventure travel company. She now lives in Blackwood and has written for a number of publications ranging from travel, historical and martial arts to business, insurance and finance trade articles. When she’s not writing for her local newspaper The Blackwood Times, her regular column for the UK publication Credit Control, also a couple of blogs, she is writing a child’s novel based in Shropshire where she grew up – watch this space!


Latest Book: From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall: Travelers’ Best, Worst, and Most Ridiculous Stories From The Road.
Slenk Dee LLC, Annapolis, 2012. 


Website: www.wadders.co.uk

As a freelance journalist, Annie has written original articles on a wide range of subjects for consumer and trade press, including: business and trade publications, regional newspapers, martial arts, travel and lifestyle publications, as well as a variety of websites.

She’s happy with tight deadlines and her writing skills extend to blogs, profile pieces, columns and reviews.

Working from briefs or original research, Annie regularly writes and edits copy for clients. She produces copy for a range of communications including newsletters, advertisements, advertorials, competitions, letters to editors, leaflets, e-zines, media alerts, briefing sheets, corporate brochures, press releases and non-biased client by-lined features.

On a personal note, Annie’s interests are as varied as her experiences. She’s a Second Dan in Ki Aikido, an accomplished horsewoman, enjoys belly-dancing and playing the cello. One of her favourite pastimes though is curling up in bed with a good book, a glass of wine and of course her husband!



Using crazy stuff.

What can you do to increase the tension or humor in a scene? Give your character something crazy to react to. A sudden allergy attack, sneezing, eyes watering and red. The more important the scene, maybe the more outrageous the challenge.

Try a Pratt fall from the bed in the middle of a love scene. Or a broken arm in the middle of a fight. What can you throw at your hapless hero to make it interesting?


Tortured sentences:


If the market is falling people will not invest. If there is going to be a terrorist action people can be ready to take action. The news gives the public hope, sadness, and happiness it lets people know about the updates on the world and what will come next after bad people have done wrong to other people.


Word of the week:
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verb tr.: To induce another to perform an unlawful act or give false testimony.



From Latin subornare, from sub- (secretly) + ornare (to equip). Other words that derive from ornare are adorn and ornate. Earliest documented use: 1534.



“Would a senior lawyer, proven in a court of law to attempt to suborn a witness, be allowed to continue to practice law?”
TSR Subramanian; It’s Imperative to Free CBI and ED from Government Control; The New Indian Express (Chennai, India); Mar 3, 2013.



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